Writing articles is by far one of the best marketing techniques. A well written informative article can bring a great deal of traffic to your website or blog. Over a short period of time your articles can be seen in article directories all over the Internet. It is one of the best ways to increase links to blogs and websites.

Success with article marketing stems from three things. Giving the article directories what they want. Giving ezine publishers what they want and giving readers what they want. If you keep the following points in mind when beginning your article marketing campaign you will soon see a huge difference to your daily website hits.

Here are a few points to consider when submitting articles to directories for approval.

· Does your article comply with the directories terms and conditions?
· Is your article TOO self-serving.
· Does your article get to the point quickly?
· Did you write your article yourself?
· Is your content unique?

Tips for getting your articles re-printed by ezine publishers.

· Is your article format correct?
· Have you spell checked and proof read your article.
· Is your article of reasonable length, i.e. 300-700 words?
· Is your article written in the third person?
· Does your article contain self-serving links in the body?
· Does your article contain more than two self-serving links in the bio?
· Is your article a blatant self-promotion?
· Is your content organized?

Points to consider when writing for readers.

· Have you spell checked and proof read your article.
· Is your article rehashed?
· Does your article enlighten or teach your reader.
· Is the theme of your article clear?
· Is your layout easily navigated and understood?
· Is your grammar and punctuation correct?
· Does your article leave your reader needing answers?

If you answer these questions honestly and positively then you are well on your way to having great success with article marketing. However if your articles are lacking in some areas now is the time edit, re-write or scrap these articles and get them up to par in order to have them approved by directories and regularly re-printed by ezine publishers.

Thank you for taking the time with me to learn more about marketing, news, tips and tricks for your business success.


Robert Lennon

(AKA) Magic Marketer

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