My #1 Strategy For Generating Traffic And Why?

My #1 Strategy For Generating Traffic And Why?

What other strategy provides the benefit of increasing your Website page rank through the numerous inbound links it produces? What other strategy can effectively generate interested visitors to your URL? What is my top marketing strategy and the top marketing strategy for the vast majority of marketers to drive targeted visitors to their sites? Article Marketing, of course!

Oh but wait, the key to a successful article marketing campaign is to produce unique articles each filled with unique content. The effectiveness of article marketing has been declining for several years, until now. What had happened was that Google started to recognize articles that were being submitted everywhere containing duplicate content. They soon instituted a filter that so called “weeded out” these duplicate content articles and therefore stripping the inbound links generated from your pages or article submissions. The result was that about one in 19 inbound links counted positively towards your page ranking.

What is our solution? As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, submitting articles with unique content! Submitting to thousands of publishers as I do, you need an article submission software that can handle this daunting task.

So, how do you overcome this duplicate tragedy? By using the best and most powerful article marketing tool that I can recommend is Article Pro Software. It can randomly select paragraphs from the three different articles you write and compile them into hundreds and thousands of unique articles. That’s right, only three different articles you need to write, not hundreds or even thousands!

Allow me to explain…You actually write one original article and then rewrite it again twice keeping the same paragraph structure. If you have a 5 paragraph article with three different versions it actually randomly creates what looks like 125 different article you are submitting. If you have a 6 paragraph article with three different versions it randomly creates what looks 216 different articles. Remember, Google’s duplicate filter would catch about 17 in about 18 duplicate articles. But now, by submitting unique articles you can effectively have most all of your articles accepted and listed in Google. Through testing, it has been proven that 300 duplicate articles shrink to about 16 or 17 that count as inbound links toward your page rank. By submitting unique articles and retaining those inbound links, you would end up with 18.75 times more effectiveness or 1875% more effectiveness as a percentage figure. Eureka!

Yes, you can really get hundreds or thousands of inbound links coming to your site! Links that search engines love to see, links that are driving you interested traffic, links that blast your page rank higher with each article submission. What other strategy has the dynamics to generate that amount of inbound links in such a minimal amount of time?

What are you waiting for? Lets get submitting those unique articles. Article Pro Software will take care of submitting all those unique articles for you at the click of your mouse so you don’t have to sit there and write hundreds, if not thousands, of unique articles. It would take you years to accomplish what can be done in a matter of hours. Now that is an amazing marketing tool that every article marketer should have!

If your not ready to purchase this article submission software yet, then you must submit unique articles to be effective. Try and make them as unique as possible manually by hand. This is the best way, and my #1 strategy for generating huge amounts of URL traffic.

-Craig S. Andrews

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